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30 août 2010

I Love Joie de Vivre

Back from hibernation, I don't know if this blog will reborn but i just wan't to share some pretty stuffs I discovered lately.

First, an amazing video from showstudio, Raquel Zimmermann wearing Gareth Pugh FW 2011, filmed by Ruth hogben, soundtrack by Lukid:

Joie de vivre (Joy of life)

This is why I love fashion so much, because there is always talented people making beautiful and vibrant new things.

Raquel is just perfect, she knows, she is such a wonderful model and a perfect Serge Gainsbourg:

Serge Gainsbourg, Love on the beat, Major album.

I'm more and more interested in fashion videos, the message is stronger, movement, music, clothes... there is no limit for creativity and collaborations.

It's the new hot thing, each brand got his "behind the scene" campaign video, Madonna for miu miu, yes, and she laugh when Mert Alas and Marcus Pigott told her she will not get paid for, Proenza Schouler...

Sometimes it's well done sometimes not, but I only talk about nice things so here the video of Alexander Wang FW 2011 by Craig McDean, starring Abbey Lee Kershaw:

Music: The xx, Infinity, remixed by flufftronix.

Hope you enjoyed, see you soon baboon, i know it's lame, like my middle school english level.

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