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3 mai 2010

The Only One

Today, tonight exactly, an easy message: Serge Gainsbourg.
He is my favorite singer so far, I hate this word, but he is an "icon" to me. (I think icons must stay in the russians churchs).
His spirit, the way he spent his life, and his music before all touch me.
I always have Gainsbourg period, each time i listen differents songs, this is why I can't say I have favorites.
Here the 4 songs I currently listen:

First one: Love on the beat.

I like this video, she has been recorded at "Le Palace", the french Studio 54, in 1984, there is smoke, screams, nudity, nasty lyrics and his last handsome girlfriend "Bambou" (jean and boobs), what more do you wan't?

Second: Comic Strip.

I found the english version and the video is the making of the videoclip with... Initials B.B.B., Brigitte Bardot Bombshell, one of his many gorgeous fiancee:

Third: Harley David son of a bitch.

This video looks like an old german movie or something like that, sorry, I can't find better, focus on the music:

And: Mon Legionnaire (My legionary).

This is the one who obsessed me, It can be difficult for the persons who don't understand french to enjoy completely the song but I can give you a summary:
He talks about his one night love, a soldier of the foreign legion, "he was tall, he was beautiful, he smelled good the hot sand" (I do my best for the translation), but he left him the morning for the war... I think you can guess the tragic end...

To meditate:

"I turned my jackets (changed sides) the day I realized she was doubled mink".

Serge Gainsbourg.

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