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3 mai 2010

Electro princess turned Queen

Music, again, but don't worry, always good.

She was already the object of the second message (Mc's can kiss) of this blog because I really like her music, her bitchy lyrics and my body moves by himself when I listen to her.

Uffie by the cobra snake, live march 2010.

I just discover (I'm definitely retarded) her featuring with Pharrell Wiliams "ADD SUV" (Attention Deficit Disorder/Sport Utility Vehicle) and one word: ADD icted!

It's the second single of her upcoming album "sex dreams and denim jeans" produced by Mirwais, Mr Oizo, Sebastian...
she evolved after 4 years (a baby with Andre Saraiva, artist and owner of "le baron" and "le montana", hottest Paris nightclubs), her music too, and It always sounds fuckin' good.


After that, I'm sure of one thing: she has been compared to Ke$ha, for the voice or I dunno what, but Ke$ha is just an "icky sticky bitch" (Uffie, "Hot chick") and her music a bad joke next to Uffie.

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  1. i think ke$ha is the one who copied uffie. uffie's way better!