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5 mai 2010


"Sometime people ask me to describe my STYLE.
I always say my STYLE is schizophrenic, mutant.

I like to change everytime, i like to play different mood, i like to wear all the designers.
How many faces there are in a woman?
Manifold, many variations of the Ego.
You think about knowing a woman, but you don't exactly know never who
I change every day, I am never the same person.

So between FASHION and STYLE?
Absolutely FASHION... is less pretentious, is authentic.
FASHION is declaration of own freedom.

Let's play with your thousand and thousand faces of yourself."

Anna Dello Russo, fashion editor (at large).

I already posted a photo of her: Italian glamour is not dead.
She is one of the newcomers in my favorites blogs (there is also the photographer Giampaolo Sgura, Forza Italia).
She is a major figure of fashion, you can find a bit of herself, in her blog, and surely in an upcoming message, STAY TUNED.

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