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4 mai 2010

Stylist Star

There is a newcomer in my favorites blogs: Nicola Formichetti.

Young Ricardo Tisci?

You don't know him? In fact, yes, you know him. You see who is Lady gaga? It's her stylist!

I made a little selection of my favorites photoshoots styled by N.F.:

Julius Gerhardt by Josh Olins, stylist: N.F.

Alejandro Rodriguez by Mariano Vivanco, stylist: N.F.

By Hedi Slimane, stylist: N.F.

And he also works with my idol Hedi Slimane, he is the one behind the style of the shoots (Dazed and Confused cover on the right for example).

His motto could be "too much is never enough", but because of his talent, he don't cross the line of the bad taste, anyway, "I prefer bad taste than no taste".

If you wan't to see his work, all the Lady gaga crazy outfits, and more, check his blog on the right.

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  1. i love the second editorial, so colorful!

    please check out my blog!